May 27, 2022

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Boiler Service Price

Servicing your gas boiler is an essential part of maintaining the home. No one enjoys the trouble of sudden boiler breakdowns so it is important to take preventative steps to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises. Boiler servicing keeps your home appliance running more efficiently and for longer. By solving smaller issues in good time you will avoid facing larger expenses down the line. Another aspect to consider is the importance of keeping your home safe. Regular maintenance not only prevents dreaded everyday moments like running out of hot water or heating during cold winter months, but also ensures general safety in your home.

Read further down to find out more about average boiler service costs.

Benefits of servicing your gas boiler:

  • Unchecked and faulty gas boilers can be very dangerous. Carbon monoxide kills approximately 20 people in the UK every year, due to unchecked gas boilers and appliances. Regular maintenance detects and faults and CO leaks, keeping your home safe.
  •  Lengthens the lifespan of your boiler.
  • Validates manufacturer warranties. Quite often, for boiler warranties to remain valid, manufacturers request up to date boiler checks. Warranties usually last for 2 to 10 years and by keeping one in place the customer is able to keep their gas boiler service costs low, benefitting from incorporated repairs and even replacements, throughout this time-period.
  • Prevents unexpected breakdowns which could cause high boiler service costs.
  • Enables the fixing of urgent issues that might be caused by a faulty boiler, such as, higher than usual utility bills, non-responsive thermostat, unusual noises, among others. It is important to note that wider issues in your home water and heating system, such as the radiators having cold spots or the water not getting hot could be signs of an underlying problem with your boiler. This could also enable you to reduce your household carbon emissions by ensuring that the gas boiler isn’t wasting energy.
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Average Boiler Service Cost

First thing to remember, when taking the steps to arrange your gas boiler check or maintenance is that you should only hire Gas Safe registered tradespeople. This is the legal and safe way to carry boiler maintenance.

Generally, boiler service cost will depend on the type of boiler you have (brand/age), the company you use and which part of the country you’re in.

The average annual gas boiler service cost can range between a one-off fee of around £80, though the prices are usually around £70, going up to around £100 (rates tend to be higher in London). These are the base costs which do not include extra repairs that the tradesperson might need to carry out. Costs set by independent tradespeople are more likely to be higher, whereas larger or national firms usually have set fees for boiler repairs and servicing.

Furthermore, the customer has the choice to make a one-off payment or opt for a long term coverage plan. A long term coverage package can be arranged through home insurance (a request can be made to your home insurance provider for a boiler coverage add-on, this could be cheaper than taking out a separate policy), the boiler manufacturer or the utility supplier. Paying the fee in a single transaction is usually the cheaper option, however, spacing out your payments across the year would create a more comfortable process and give you a peace of mind.

On average, an efficient and well maintained boiler can reduce your energy bills by up to £340 every year. Gas boiler service costs can be affordable for everyone with competitive prices and payment plans.

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Benefits of having a boiler cover;

 A boiler breakdown cover ensures that, in the case of an emergency, you will be provided with the services necessary to fix the boiler, without the need to search for engineers and in a timely manner. By having a cover there would be no surprises regarding the gas boiler service cost, helping you avoid unplanned and costly repair bills.

What does a gas boiler service cover?

During a gas boiler servicing, a qualified Gas Safe engineer will check the boiler and its controls. As well as, the pressure, safety devices, electrical connections, functionality, seals and the internal components of the boiler. A test is also carried out to ensure that the flu is working correctly and that there are no toxic fumes emitted from it.

How to choose which gas boiler cover to opt for?

Risk is often the determining factor when choosing a boiler cover. Although gas boiler service costs may be the first thing that comes to mind when making the decision, the property should be considered first. Quite often, newly built properties do not require an extensive cover as the structure of the building is-new. Older houses, on the other hand, could face more difficulties and so a fuller cover could be advisable.

In simple terms, boiler cover plans are determined by the size of your home, age and brand of the boiler and the way it is heated.


It is important to not leave your gas boiler maintenance too late, an annual check will save you both money and unnecessary worry. We don’t rely on gas boilers during the summer, as much as we do during the winter. As a result, gas engineers are generally more available during the summer months, and this is also when engineers usually receive less emergency calls. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to book your boiler checks in advance, to avoid any misfortune when the weather turns cold. Boiler service costs can be kept low if the right approach is taken. Just like taking care of a car or even yourself, preventative measures are the better option to maintain a healthy life cycle, rather than dealing with consequences later on, consequences that could have been avoided.

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For further information, head over to our MyConstructor platform to get a gas boiler service cost quote from one of our experienced tradespeople and book your gas boiler check today.