August 12, 2022

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It’s all about driving more efficiently (Picture: Getty) Any money-saving hacks are very welcome at...
woman filling up with petrol
It’s all about driving more efficiently (Picture: Getty)

Any money-saving hacks are very welcome at the moment, as the cost of living crisis continues.

Petrol is a tricky everyday cost that can really make a significant dent in our bank balances – particularly with prices at the moment.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to make petrol go further – and save money in the process.

A content creator on TikTok, who specialises in money matters, has revealed a little trick that can make a difference.

Anna, behind the TikTok account Money for Millennials, shared her hack with her 108,600 followers. She explains: ‘Have you heard about this unusual hack to help you reduce your fuel consumption?

‘It definitely not fun watching the price of fuel go up at the moment.

‘I’m sure – like me – you’re thinking, “how am I going to factor this into my expenses?”

‘There’s this one trick you can do that affects the way you drive and therefore reduces the amount of fuel you need.’

Anna explains all you need is a bowl and some water – or even just the ability to imagine that you have both of these things in your car.

She adds: `It’s to drive as though you’ve got a bowl of water on your passenger seat.’

The idea is that the trick encourages people to drive more smoothly, with better gear changes to reduce harsh braking and acceleration – saving fuel in the process.

This is also known as ‘hypermiling.’

Essentially, the hypermiling tactic means as little fuel as possible is wasted when driving.

So it makes fuel use as efficient as possible – therefore results in individuals spending less money on it.

Anna adds: ‘This won’t solve the problem of price increase but was an interesting idea… what do you think?’

The hypermiling technique also involves planning routes that are the most efficient, meaning they require less speeding up and breaking – which can use up more petrol.

This is because the car uses the most fuel to get going.

As a result, hills and heavy traffic are also avoided while hypermiling.

Another top money-saving tip from TikTok is to download the free app PetrolPrices – which compares costs at nearby stations.

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