January 17, 2022


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Important Issues You Ought to Assume About After You Transfer To Brisbane

Moving home isn’t a stress-free task, and moving countries is even more of a stressful time, whether you feel as though you are a worrier or have nerves of steel. There is so much to think about when it comes to the moving process, and adding travel to these considerations and learning everything about your new home location can be overwhelming.

However, doing your research and making sure you’re prepared can reduce those feelings of worry and better help you have a good experience during your move. We’ve listed some of the top things for you to keep in mind after you’ve moved to sunny Brisbane so that you can be sure to have a more relaxed experience on the other end of your journey.

Getting A Doctor
Healthcare, especially that of your children if you have them, is easily one of the most important things to think about once you’ve moved to a new country. For example, if you’ve moved from the UK, this system will feel slightly different as Australia has a universal public insurance program called Medicare, which the government controls. Making sure you have access to medical assistance before you truly require it is very important so that you can be certain you can get the right help once you need it.

While most Australian residents are eligible for Medicare coverage, you might want to choose a more in-depth private health insurance, as there are certain treatments that Medicare won’t cover, like physiotherapy. Not to mention being a private patient can provide you with better quality care and even your room if you’re in the hospital for a prolonged period.

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Finding Your Local Pharmacy
Knowing where your nearest pharmacy is is great, especially when you’re pressed for time. Pharmacists are perfectly qualified to advise you on over-the-counter medications and even provide you with guidance for dealing with minor injuries or illnesses. It’s also worthwhile finding out the types of vaccinations your local pharmacy offers, as some will provide yearly flu vaccinations or important jabs you’ll need for travel.

Registering With A Good Dentist
Not dissimilar to registering with your local GP, it’s very important to make sure you’ve got yourself a dentist once you’ve settled in your new home. Dental care isn’t covered under Medicare unless it’s for emergency treatment in hospitals and instead will require extra coverage to pay for it. This is very important as taking care of your teeth isn’t always easy. If you end up losing any or experiencing discomfort and toothache, getting treatment as soon as possible is necessary. Find yourself an experienced dentist like those at Pure Dentistry in Brisbane to ensure you’re getting the best quality care for your smile. Most dental insurance also includes more cosmetic treatments, such as white fillings or even veneers.

Keep An Eye On Your Living Situation
No matter where you’re living, it’s worth keeping an eye on possible opportunities for new properties, and the chances are you’re renting your current property until you become an Australian citizen, as the process of buying before this is much more complicated. While you’re waiting for this process to become easier, it’s a good idea to monitor the housing market so that you can make a well-informed and educated decision on when and where to buy your property.

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Choose A Good Bank
Once you’ve moved to Australia, you’ll want to consider opening an Australian bank account. While you may have a global bank account, having one situated in your country of residence can make some things a lot easier. While online banking can be incredibly convenient, if you need to visit your bank to deal with a situation, you’re not going to be able to. Instead, if you are going to be staying in Australia for the foreseeable, you may want to switch to a local bank so that you can get assistance in person when needed. You might also find that there are some much better banking services in Australia, so shop around and see if you can find a service that will suit you.

Ensure Your Driving License Is Correct
If you’re entered the country to live here, you can’t get by on your driver’s license for long, as authorities in Australia only allow you to drive with a foreign license for three months maximum. After that, you’ll need to have a license from the state you’re living in. Every state in Australia has its laws regarding vehicle registration, and they even have slightly varying road laws too! Make sure you get yourself the right license for your state, and in this case, you’ll want to get a Queensland license when living in Brisbane.

Do this sooner rather than later if you’re expecting to settle here. There can be delays with getting your new license, and if you apply at the end of those three months, you might end up without a valid license for some time.

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