January 17, 2022


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Motion detector: what are the main advantages?

In simple words, we explain the definition of the motion detector, or motion sensor, is a device that is used to detect movement in a certain area in front of or around the detector. Usually, it is used to detect the movement of people, either for security purposes (detecting an intrusion) or for comfort (automatic management of lights for example). But what are the real advantages, and how do you go about adjusting the motion detector to optimize its efficiency?

The advantages of the motion detector

The security light with motion sensor is an essential part of the security system: it is indeed the key device that detects when a person is in your house or property when they should not be there. When the sensor is triggered, the signal is sent to your security system’s control panel, which then alerts you of the potential threat to your property. But the motion detector can also trigger other actions. If the motion is detected in your absence, the system can be programmed to trigger security camera recording, in order to keep track of what has happened. It is also possible to trigger the lighting of lamps.

Motion-sensing lights also offer several advantages, as they reduce crime: statistics show that well-lit municipalities have a lower crime rate than poorly-lit neighborhoods.

When the outside of your home is well lit, thieves will have no place to hide. Lighting combined with a motion detector is a very simple and effective way, not to mention its very affordable cost, to secure your property. You can thus place spotlights, garden lights, your entrance light, and another exterior lighting on motion detectors.

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Motion detectors can also provide an additional level of security, by pairing them with security or surveillance cameras. Motion detection is generally more effective than that built into cameras. In the case of a motorized camera, the arrangement of several motion detectors can even cause the camera to be directed towards the place where the movement was detected. It’s a cost-effective way to cover multiple areas with just one camera.

When motion detectors are used for household appliances and equipment, they can also help increase energy savings, for example by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms. Sensors can come in handy by automatically activating heating, lighting, air conditioning, watering, and other household chores.

A motion detector can actually be used for many tasks, especially as some are multifunctional: motion detector, light sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, etc. A single sensor can therefore meet several needs.

How does the motion detector work?

Motion detectors are among many mechanisms that you come across every day, often without realizing it: from automatic supermarket doors to security systems that can protect your home. There are many different types of motion detectors mentioned in this article. Motion detection is the main process of using special sensors to detect changes in various objects (mainly humans) within the detection area of ​​either an outdoor or indoor sensor.

There are many types of infrared, light, radio, and other motion detectors, each of which is used in specific cases. An infrared sensor monitors changes in infrared waves or heat in the observable area and turns on lights, alarms, or security cameras when changes in the infrared spectrum are detected.

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Detectors that use radiofrequency detection sends microwave signals to monitor the room and as the object moves within the detection area, the sensor detects changes in the microwave field and signals the system that an object in motion is in the room.

How to place a motion detector?

To function effectively, a Lepro motion detector must be placed correctly, depending on its type, and the elements surrounding it. You should not install the microwave detectors close to each other, especially if there is a barrier between them, there should never be any windows or doors in the target area unless you want to detect the movements behind them.

You should not place infrared detectors near air conditioners, space heaters, or other devices that produce heat, as they operate precisely on heat detection. You should not use ultrasonic detectors if you have pets in your home as it can injure them.

Moreover, if you have pets, be careful to select motion sensors compatible with them: generally they allow you to ignore the movements of animals weighing less than 20 or 30kg. This will allow your cat to navigate for example in the house when you are away, without having the alarm triggered for nothing.

It is also necessary to ensure that the activation threshold is correctly adjusted using the controller. Remove any object that is in front of the sensor. You should place the detector so that people’s movements are perpendicular to the sensor lens.

When the sensor creates a lot of false positives, try moving the IR detector to a location where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or the influence of heat radiation from heaters or air conditioning fans. Usually, the notices detail all of this very well. Setting up is extremely important to obtain a reliable system: properly configured, you will have an effective security system. Badly configured, you will have many false positives, and will no longer pay attention to alerts, or even stop using it at all, which would be a shame.

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As part of a security system, if the arrangement of motion sensors is too problematic, do not hesitate to go through a professional, who will determine the best locations and make the adjustments. Once in place, you will be quiet for a while.