August 15, 2022

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Caption: 99 ice cream shortage? make your own for ?2.10 with just two ingredients Panic...
my whippy ice cream dupe
Caption: 99 ice cream shortage? make your own for ?2.10 with just two ingredients

Panic spread across the nation last month as a shortage of Cadbury Flakes threatened the distribution of Mr Whippy 99s everywhere. 

Luckily, one TikTokker has found a way to make the perfect dupe for Mr Whippy’s creamy vanilla ice-cream – with just two ingredients.

All you need is double cream, condensed milk and a whisk.

‘Rumour has it you can make Mr Whippy ice-cream with double cream and condensed milk, so obviously I’m going to give this ago,’ said Emma Ord. 

In a video that has now been watched 2million times, Emma adds a full tub of Elmlea double cream to a bowl before whisking it with an electric whisk.

Once it had thickened up, she added a full tin of condensed milk – although you don’t need to use the full can.

She then layered up the cream concoction with chocolate drops in a tall tub before storing it in the freezer.

The next day, she posted a taste test saying the ice-cream was a success.

‘It is absolutely amazing,’ says Emma. ‘It doesn’t go rock hard and it tastes the exact same as Mr Whippy.’

Best of all, the whole tub only cost £2.10 – these days, that’s less than a singular Mr Whippy cone from the local ice-cream van. 

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