August 15, 2022

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Life is flying by (Image: Does life simply appear to be rushing by the...
Life is flying by (Image:

Does life simply appear to be rushing by the older you get?

Perhaps you’ve heard older family members say issues like ‘it feels prefer it was solely yesterday while you have been a child and I used to be altering your nappy.’

Nevertheless it actually is true that the older we get, the faster the years come round.

Nevertheless, it’s not simply age that appears to hurry up time. 

Throughout lockdown, our days grew to become very repetitive. And for many of us – regardless of the stress and anxiety of Covid – this time period glided by within the blink of a watch.

So, why does this occur?

‘There are many theories about this and researchers are nonetheless looking for out the reply to this query,’ non-public GP and psychological well being coach Dr. Hana Patel tells

‘It seems that it might be multifactorial.

‘In the case of ageing, the primary factor all theories agree on is that once we are youthful, as we’re experiencing quite a lot of stimuli for the primary time, it takes longer for our brains to course of the knowledge.

‘The extra new recollections and experiences our mind makes, the longer our notion of time is. In order we grow old, our notion of time modifications with our age.’

man ticking off calendar days
Do you are feeling just like the weeks are whizzing previous? (Image: Getty Pictures/iStockphoto)

Will Donnelly, a co-founder and care knowledgeable at Lottie, additionally explains that some analysis means that as we get older, the time it takes for our mind to course of data will increase. 

‘In consequence, extra “precise” time passes between every visible picture processed by our mind, so the notion of time accelerates,’ he says.

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Time additionally appears to go by quicker once we follow the identical routine every day.

‘Once more, that is associated to our brains being uncovered to the identical stimuli,’ Hana says. ‘We aren’t being challenged with new experiences or studying.

‘Not having something “memorable” that stands out within the day to concentrate on, will even have an effect on how we understand time to go.’

Nevertheless, having a repetitive schedule isn’t all unhealthy. 

‘Following a familiar routine helps to give structure to your day,’ Will says. ‘It could additionally convey you consolation and decrease your stress ranges, particularly as you grow old. 

‘We see this so much with our aged care residence residents – a routine ensures they really feel relaxed and comfortable.’

Can it impression our psychological well being?

The brief reply is sure.

‘Time is usually a irritating idea for us all in numerous methods,’ says Hana.

Not being “aware” or feeling that point is passing us by may cause us to change into anxious or burdened – resulting in psychological well being issues.’

Hana suggests making a memorable expertise daily, or doing one thing extra mindfully that may “anchor” this occasion in our reminiscence financial institution for the day – as these have an effect on how we understand time passing.

How can we gradual time down?

Hana suggests turning into extra aware in our day-to-day duties.

‘Studying a brand new talent or exercise, altering your routine, or including one new factor into your routine every day will even assist to create extra recollections and decelerate our days,’ Hana notes.

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Specialists additionally stress it’s necessary to make sure that we’ve sufficient adequate, restful periods of sleep – as this may additionally have an effect on our notion of time.

‘Whereas our notion of time might decelerate as we age – this doesn’t imply it’s a must to,’ Will provides.

‘Exploring new locations, making an attempt new issues, and persevering with the actions you take pleasure in are all necessary to your well being, wellbeing and bringing enjoyment.

‘You’re by no means too previous to immerse your self in new experiences.’

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